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The Demon Babysitter

Money. Power. Fame. When a supernatural being knocks at your door and offers you three wishes to change your life, you’re damn sure to choose one of those. Who wouldn’t?

Yuki Rin.

After accidentally
summoning a demon in her kitchen, only Hell knows how, the single mother makes a wish that changes their life.

Kuros, an alpha Demon, standing awkwardly in a well-lit kitchen, has the worst luck of the century. He is forced to grant three wishes Yuki demands. But he never imagined that he would be leaving the dungeons of the Hell to…

Babysit her three-year-old son.

Not able to use black magic against her, he can only break this ridiculous contract by tasting her blood. But with her consent.

For that, he decides he just needs to seduce her…

Excerpt from the book:

Kuros smiled. Yuki was vulnerable right now. If that brat of a child disappeared for some time… he could seduce the woman, taste her blood and end the deal right here. He stepped closer to her and looked into her eyes. “So?”

“So?” Yuki repeated, unfazed and oblivious to his advance.

Kuros’ lips twitched. Here, he was using his close to century-old-practiced smoldering gaze, and she was unaffected? Was this a prank? Why the hell was she still standing? Irritated by this fact, he doubled his efforts. Making his voice sound like melted honey–that deep baritone women swooned over–he swept his hand through his ruffled hair, and proposed, “You can stay home… with me.”

“Huh? Do you have a sore throat?” Yuki frowned. Turning back, she said to her son, Yuu, “Go bring Uncle some water.”

“Okay. I’ll be back!” Yuu ran out of the room.

When Yuki looked up again, Kuros was frozen at his spot. It was as if his expression was carved into his face. His eyes reflected the century worth of torture he had experienced in the short span of seconds. The battle cries of tormented souls could be heard from his chest.

Yuki noted nothing. She tilted her head and waved a hand in front of him. “Are you okay, Kuros-san?”

“I-I…” Kuros gave up. He never felt such humiliation in his life. With his body, his looks, and his powers… a mere human addressed him as an uncle?!

“Uncle, here!”

Yuu came back to the room, the water splashing from the glass, but the word was another arrow shot through Kuros’ chest. He staggered as if he was in actual physical pain and slumped down next to the wall. The contract bounded him to stay true to his words, and with difficulty, he growled out, “Go to work, Yuki-san. I’ll babysit him.”

Reader’s Spotlight

I just realized that I spent 4+ hours straight reading this whole series, it’s now 4am and time to get up. I regret NOTHING! ❤


I think I’ve found my soulmate! Your books!


So original, so well-written, the characters are amazing. Loved loved loved it! …Thank you for sharing it with us.


Worth the all-nighter.


Read it here:

Published by Aanchal Budhiraja

Aanchal Budhiraja is the author of The Demon Babysitter book & comic book, Baking With Boys, Stay Afloat My CEO, Illusion Of Love: Sunshower, One Of These Endings and more. She has over 8 million reads and 60 thousand subscribers across platforms like Wattpad, Tapas and Radish.

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