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Baking With Boys

Excerpt from the book:

A savory dish that was actually a dessert? It wasn’t rocket-science but it required a lot of effort.

I poured chocolate sauce over the fondant noodles in the bowl and let it seep through the layers to deliciously coat the sweet chewy material. The roasted nuts and almonds in the sauce were like bits of meat in a gravy. For the garnish, I painted dark cherries and soft white cookies to look like radishes on the top. A perfect bowl of Jajangmyeon.

Brandon came over to my work bench, nodded in appreciation, and took over to clean and polish the edges of the bowl. I went over to his bench, and added the long green jelly as a substitute to cucumber, and a soft pink cake to represent raw fish inside the dessert sushi. Carefully rolling the fondant, I smiled at the finished result.

The carefully cut pieces, with its delicate detailing, looked too real. And before I could stop him, Brandon slid over to my side, and popped one piece in his mouth. My mouth watered as I thought of the white chocolate melting in his mouth, the sweet raspberry crunch of rice cereal, the jelly and the cake. It was a symphony of textures and flavors. A perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

Brandon moaned and arched his back. Unabashedly, my eyes followed his every move. A trail of chocolate oozed out from the corner of his mouth and coated his chin. He wiped it off with a finger and licked it again. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the treat and remained blissfully unaware of the cameras shooting his every move. I willed myself to look away from this R-rated scene. The way his mouth moved would definitely put the baking show in the adult time slot.

Damn food porn.

Reader’s Spotlight

Honestly one of the most hilarious books I have read in a long time. I laughed like a maniac throughout. Loved it!




BWB is amazing!!! It’s like crazzzy good. I can’t stop reading it’s 2:57 and I read a major plot twist. Its just like BOOOM!! Mind blown. I love it…I love you…I love this book.


…Love your style. And especially the theme of the novel. It dealt with so many issues with so much ease.


Read it here:


Published by Aanchal Budhiraja

Aanchal Budhiraja is the author of The Demon Babysitter book & comic book, Baking With Boys, Stay Afloat My CEO, Illusion Of Love: Sunshower, One Of These Endings and more. She has over 8 million reads and 60 thousand subscribers across platforms like Wattpad, Tapas and Radish.

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