When Night Falls

two shadows
at the edge of the world
gaze at the waning moons
yellow and blue

the leaves rustle
as the air carries
a broken whisper
will you go back?’

time stands still
silently observes
the burning eyes
longing to break the rules

over the ruins
too afraid to touch
a pale finger
traces an outline

a ray of sunlight
touches the skin
in a distant world
a book flutters close

over the promise
of another night 
the reader returns
and a shadow remains

National Poetry Month

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Published by Aanchal Budhiraja

Aanchal Budhiraja is the author of The Demon Babysitter book & comic book, Baking With Boys, Stay Afloat My CEO, Illusion Of Love: Sunshower, One Of These Endings and more. She has over 8 million reads and 60 thousand subscribers across platforms like Wattpad, Tapas and Radish.

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