Confessions of a Writer: Tani Hanes

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 54 years old, believe it or not, nearly 55, and I didn’t start writing until my 50th birthday! So never let anyone tell you it’s too late to start doing something, because it’s not. I was born in Japan, and lived in Central California until recently. I now live in New York City with my husband and kitty cat, Moss.

Wow! Totally agree. I’m so happy you found something you enjoy doing and even found success in it.

Can you tell us a little about your latest book? And where can we read it?

Well, most of my books are what I call “smexy” romances lol, as in they’re sexy and smutty, and I think that’s what most of your followers will know me for.

My latest book, however, is called “Obachan,” and it’s a short memoir about my Japanese grandmother and the early part of her life, growing up in Japan shortly before and during WWII. There’s no smut or romance, it’s just about her struggle to be free and independent during a time and in a place when women were allowed to be neither.

All of my books are on Amazon, and all but Obachan are on KU!

I’m a huge fan of Asian literature! This is definitely on my reading list now 😀

Write a book that you would like to read.” Writers often hear this saying. What was your first idea that made you pick up your pen and start writing? 

I’ve always had ideas that I wanted to write about, but it was actually One Direction going on hiatus that made me start writing! I was a substitute teacher in California, and my students were seriously flipping their sh*t about it.

So I started making up a story for them about a girl who meets a boyband, a sort of fantasy wish fulfillment kind of thing that would while 1D was gone. The band in my story was perfect: they never fought, never did anything wrong, loved the girl without reservation, and never, ever, went on hiatus, you see?

And in this way my first books, my UK Crush series, was born. I had no idea at the time that it would grow into SEVEN books, or that the series would go to such a dark place as it ended up going, but it was so fun to write.

It’s so interesting to learn how writers begin their journey. Your story is definitely an inspiration for all the new writers.

When did you realize that writing was more than just a hobby?

When I started getting feedback and reviews from strangers, and I realized that people I didn’t even know were actually buying and reading my books! It was a marvelous feeling. I mean, at the point that you actually spend money on publishing and publicizing your books, it stops being a hobby, but when you earn money at it, even it’s a little, I guess you feel successful and that it’s more than just something fun you do.

What is your favorite part of the writing process? And how has it evolved over the years?

I suppose interacting with fans. I still get a thrill when someone on Twitter posts some kind of fan art or something, I love that. I love hearing from them, or seeing on any kind of public media that they’ve read my books and enjoyed them. And seeing reviews where they really talk about the book, or discuss the characters as if they’re real? That makes my day. When I first started I just enjoyed the writing aspect of it, it never occurred to me that anyone would actually read it and love it.

If there was one book that you wished was written by you…which one would it be and why?

“Lolita,” by Vladimir Nabokov, I think is sublime. It’s kind of funny, I guess, because it’s nothing like what I write. But I’m not stupid, I can certainly tell the difference. I write smexy beach reads that are fun, Nabokov wrote art, pure and simple. He wielded his pen in a way I never could, and in what I believe was his second language. Absolutely incredible.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex/different ethnicity?

I don’t know. I don’t find writing from a man’s POV difficult, and I try not to appropriate too much (different ethnicities, different sexualities, etc.), so I’ve been very careful about stuff like that. I have gay characters, people of color, etc., and one of MCs right now is on crutches because he had polio, but I don’t discuss it much, because, like I said, I don’t want to be accused of appropriation, so it’s just kind of there, so they represent, but not with any depth.

As far as men, I mean, I understand what’s attractive about a woman, and I’ve heard enough complaining from them about what they find irritating about us, etc., that I think I’ve done an okay job lol?

Yes, totally makes sense!

The power of words is undeniable! Have you used your platform/books to raise awareness about an issue? If yes, how did you weave it into your story? 

Oh yes. I’m very into women’s issues, animal rights, things like that. So the women in my stories never, ever change their names when they get married, it’s not even discussed, and they’re always referred to as “Ms.” I always make a point of explaining why they don’t want to get walked up the aisle by their fathers like they’re bicycles being handed over to their new owners, and what the significance of “Ms.” is, because most readers don’t know.

And I always talk about the importance of adopting animals from shelters, and about how they must spay and neuter their pets, it’s in nearly every book. 

That’s amazing! I’m sure many readers appreciate your initiative. And I learned something new today too!

What is the most interesting scene you edited out of your book? 

In my UK Crush series, the MC, Tinker Bell, gets together with Theo pretty quickly, but for some reason I kept wanting her to get together with a different character, a lot. Like, a lot lol. And in the second book there’s actually a scene, after she and Theo fight, where she kind of does get together with him.

But I felt weird after I wrote it, and I knew it would change the whole feel of the series if she actually cheated on Theo, so I cut it, and even just knowing that the scene existed messed with my mind for a while. I think I still have it somewhere, though…

OMG! The fans of UK Crush series are in for a shock!

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

I don’t do a lot beforehand, because if it’s too complicated, I don’t even go there. Like I’d never write about someone who was a brain surgeon, because I’d be afraid I couldn’t pull it off. The one thing I never want to do is be inauthentic. I’d never try to write a character who was fluent in any language other than Japanese or English, because those are the two languages I speak, you see?

If it’s something simple, like geography, I can do that online as I write, and make sure to add all the senses (how things smelled, how things sounded), to make it feel real, and even ask on social media for people who’ve really been there to give me some firsthand accounts to make it as real as possible. Or I could make it really simple and pick a place I’ve really been to make even more real.

A wise approach. That’s why some of the best scenes come from life experiences!

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

I suppose I’d have to pick my main man Moss, my kitty cat who lives with me. He’s a feral rescue, he was born in our backyard in California.

Such a cutie ❤
What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

Probably a novel called “A Girl in a Swing” by Richard Adams. He wrote “Watership Down,” which is very famous, but no one’s heard of the other one, and I think it’s absolutely amazing. It’s sad, and terrifying, and deals with themes that no one wants to talk about, but it’s so beautiful.

Kiss, Marry, or Kill! But you can only choose from your characters. Which one and why?

Kiss: I guess Henry, from the Nanny books. He’s the only one close to old enough for me lol!

Marry: Of course I’d have to marry Pete, from the Flower Series! The most perfect man, a rock star, a wonderful dad who never wants his kids to grow up and worships his wife? Yeah, Pete for sure.

Kill: I can’t kill my characters (crying)! Unless it’s one of the bad guys! Can I pick a bad guy? I choose Sumire’s stepfather Marcus from “Finding His Touch.” I kill him.

What does literary success look like to you? And what advice would you like to give to all the aspiring writers out there?

To me, success would be being able to live just on the money I made from writing, and I’m not even close to that yet. I’m able to write full time because I married a very smart and kind man who makes a lot of money doing what he does, and he said I could just stay home and write, so I’m lucky.

But on a personal level, being on a bus or a subway, and sitting with someone who’s reading my book, and having that person recognize me? That would be success also, a much more fun kind of success, I think. Yeah.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Start sooner! Don’t wait until your life’s half over, like I did. I was fifty! What was I waiting for? In this day and age, you don’t even need an agent or publisher, or anything. Of course, you do need money for a good proofreader and editor and covers and all that (NO ONE CAN EDIT THEIR OWN WORK—NO ONE CAN EDIT THEIR OWN WORK). But yeah, I wish I’d started sooner, I could’ve enjoyed this for so much longer.

Golden advice! ❤

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Thank you Tani for joining us this week!

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When Night Falls

two shadows
at the edge of the world
gaze at the waning moons
yellow and blue

the leaves rustle
as the air carries
a broken whisper
will you go back?’

time stands still
silently observes
the burning eyes
longing to break the rules

over the ruins
too afraid to touch
a pale finger
traces an outline

a ray of sunlight
touches the skin
in a distant world
a book flutters close

over the promise
of another night 
the reader returns
and a shadow remains

National Poetry Month

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Love Of A Concubine

yards of silk
slide over youthful skin
a pale flower
yearning for affection
a melancholy fate

pots of wine
and a single cup
the snow falls 
a night ends again

a glimpse a day
a smile a week
a touch a fortnight
the youth passes
in solitude

wind blows
the fragrance of time
a wandering destiny
hopelessly wishes
for love in this lifetime

National Poetry Month

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Realm Of Memories

somewhere in our dreams
we loved
in the long lost pale moonlight
we searched for the soul
that existed in a different lifetime

when the bird tweets,
and the wind blows,
I hear you say my name
with a smile
I welcome you into my arms again

from the dusted pile of books
you pick up our story
and read about love
we experienced in our past life

if we were to cross the river of oblivion,
will you look back
to remember me?

National Poetry Month

If you were to change the order of the poem…will you choose a happy ending?
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Get Noticed on Wattpad: A Guide

Wattpad is amazing. And frustrating. You have just published a new book. Original, unique and worth every reader. But what? There are hardly 5 new views and an irritating lack of feedback.

And then you think: Is my writing my even worth it?

Yes! Yes, it is!

With over 80 million readers and writers, it’s easy to get lost in the flood of content on Wattpad. Some people get algorithim lucky and hit the right numbers in less time. But some of us have to work for it! And there’s nothing wrong in working hard to promote your work and let it shine.

PART 1: Let your book speak for itself.

Find the UNIQUENESS of your book:

No story is completely original. But that doesn’t mean all stories are cliche. Find one thing that differentiates your story from the rest. Is it a paranormal story where the demon is actually a babysitter? Or a teen fiction romance where bad boys are shy and baking is the major theme?

Use that and attract readers with the promise of a fictional world they have never read.


Short. To-the-point. And attention grabbing. Identify the selling point of your book and come up with a title that’ll truly reflect your story. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it in the initial stages. Change it often and observe which one boosted your reads!

Be ready to be judged by the BOOK COVER:

If it isn’t attractive, why will a reader click on the story among the other ten thousand options? Keep it simple, bold, and easy-to-read. Use a single font style, images with blank spaces, and elements that are true to your narrative.

Canva is a great free website to design covers. Or take help from your fellow writers in the Multimedia Club!

Don’t play hide and seek. Update REGULARLY.

Between a book with two chapters and a book with twenty chapters, which one will you pick? As a writer on a free website, readers can’t account you for no updates. So build their trust by updating regularly. Complete the books. And they will run to your next one!

Ahem…how about EDITING?

Yes, it’s a first draft. Not a published book. Then why bother to edit the grammar? No one expects a perfect chapter. But a clean and crisp chapter instantly wins you brownie points and a reader who will come back for the next one.

Use Grammarly for basic edits and maybe ask a friend for a second opinion. Or come back with fresh eyes and pick up all those typos! Clean chapter = happy readers.

Part 2: Advertise….but where?

You have covered the basics. But your book is still in some dark corner of Wattpad. This can’t go on. With time and effort, it can and it will hit thousands of readers. How?

Book Clubs & Writing Buddies:

You’re not alone in your journey. Won’t it be nice to pick up fellow writers and help each other out? Join an active book club and commit to it. Exchange feedback through comments. Gain traction on your work.

If your fellow writers like your work, they might promote it on their profiles. And in best case scenario, their readers will also become your readers!

Advertise ONE book in your OTHER book:

You have a popular book but those readers aren’t migrating to your new works? Advertise the new book at the end of your popular book. You have a better reach by doing this compared to posting on your profile.

Remind your readers to VOTE & SHARE:

Don’t underestimate the power of a gentle reminder. When a reader is engrossed in your book, it’s easy to forget to support the author. Write a line or two, reminding them to vote on the chapter and share it with their friends if they enjoyed it.

Many will happily do this. It doesn’t cost money and they appreciate free books.

Ask a QUESTION at the end:

The biggest advantage of Wattpad is its interactive community. Engage in conversation with your readers about their interests, what they liked about the chapter, what they want to see next or simply a random Q&A.

Initiate the talk in the comments section. Silent readers will likely start supporting your works actively if they find a warm and friendly writer behind the screen. And you also gain a new friend or two!

Create Reading Lists & Read:

Give constructive feedback, dedicate chapters, and comment a lot. Showcase your favorite books in reading lists. Take time out to support fellow writers in your situation and share their works.

What goes around comes around! Being kind and patient will definitely help you in the long run.

Have a QUIRKY profile:

Make a ‘trademark’ of your style. Be it a monochrome aesthetic or a punk-rock theme. Choose your favorite look and paint your profile with it. Share your hobbies and interests on your profile. This will make people interested in your work and you’ll be able to find more like-minded people!


It takes time to share your works with real life family and friends. But once you give up on anonymity, share your works (spam), and ask for regular feedback or just moral support!

Join writing AWARDS:

It’s hard to win. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Use this chance to attract new readers and get your work out there. Take it as healthy competition and use the feedback provided to improve your work.

TAG your books:

Use trending and popular tags and add them to your book. Monitor what tags other writers use and what readers might be searching for. This will make your book more discoverable on Wattpad.

Confidently apply for a FEATURE:

Wattpad offers books to be featured in rotation. Fill the form and apply for it each time it opens. A feature can expose your work to thousands of new readers! Don’t fret if you’re rejected. Edit your book and repeat.

The work is all done! It’s time to be patient and in the meanwhile, re-write, re-write and re-write!
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The Demon Babysitter

Money. Power. Fame. When a supernatural being knocks at your door and offers you three wishes to change your life, you’re damn sure to choose one of those. Who wouldn’t?

Yuki Rin.

After accidentally
summoning a demon in her kitchen, only Hell knows how, the single mother makes a wish that changes their life.

Kuros, an alpha Demon, standing awkwardly in a well-lit kitchen, has the worst luck of the century. He is forced to grant three wishes Yuki demands. But he never imagined that he would be leaving the dungeons of the Hell to…

Babysit her three-year-old son.

Not able to use black magic against her, he can only break this ridiculous contract by tasting her blood. But with her consent.

For that, he decides he just needs to seduce her…

Excerpt from the book:

Kuros smiled. Yuki was vulnerable right now. If that brat of a child disappeared for some time… he could seduce the woman, taste her blood and end the deal right here. He stepped closer to her and looked into her eyes. “So?”

“So?” Yuki repeated, unfazed and oblivious to his advance.

Kuros’ lips twitched. Here, he was using his close to century-old-practiced smoldering gaze, and she was unaffected? Was this a prank? Why the hell was she still standing? Irritated by this fact, he doubled his efforts. Making his voice sound like melted honey–that deep baritone women swooned over–he swept his hand through his ruffled hair, and proposed, “You can stay home… with me.”

“Huh? Do you have a sore throat?” Yuki frowned. Turning back, she said to her son, Yuu, “Go bring Uncle some water.”

“Okay. I’ll be back!” Yuu ran out of the room.

When Yuki looked up again, Kuros was frozen at his spot. It was as if his expression was carved into his face. His eyes reflected the century worth of torture he had experienced in the short span of seconds. The battle cries of tormented souls could be heard from his chest.

Yuki noted nothing. She tilted her head and waved a hand in front of him. “Are you okay, Kuros-san?”

“I-I…” Kuros gave up. He never felt such humiliation in his life. With his body, his looks, and his powers… a mere human addressed him as an uncle?!

“Uncle, here!”

Yuu came back to the room, the water splashing from the glass, but the word was another arrow shot through Kuros’ chest. He staggered as if he was in actual physical pain and slumped down next to the wall. The contract bounded him to stay true to his words, and with difficulty, he growled out, “Go to work, Yuki-san. I’ll babysit him.”

Reader’s Spotlight

I just realized that I spent 4+ hours straight reading this whole series, it’s now 4am and time to get up. I regret NOTHING! ❤


I think I’ve found my soulmate! Your books!


So original, so well-written, the characters are amazing. Loved loved loved it! …Thank you for sharing it with us.


Worth the all-nighter.


Read it here:

Illusion Of Love: Sunshower


It was a clear sky. The sunshine filtered through the canopy of the trees and shone inside the small room of the cottage. Dust particles swirled in the light, swayed with the summer wind, and danced with the music of her flute. Hoshi closed her eyes and breathed into the instrument, playing the familiar tune, drowning herself in the music. Her flute made wispy sounds that were both raw and broken, creating a heart-wrenching tune that lingered in her mind. It was a tune no one recognized. A tune she hadn’t composed, yet, it was engraved inside her, something she could never forget.

Instinctively, the words rang in her mind.

The day when the bright sun shone,
and the rain fell, 
the day when parents warned their children to stay at home, 
and the day when the night wind howled in the deserted mountains.

It was today, Kitsune-bi Matsuri, the Sunshower Festival. An auspicious day for magical beings. Nothing more than an urban legend—she knew that—but it still left a bitter taste at the back of her tongue. An uneasiness in her stomach that she couldn’t forgo. There was something about this daya secret perhaps, a little sinister, a little magical, but unbeknownst to her. And the unknown frustrated Hoshi, and it reflected in her music.

Reader’s Spotlight

This is an excellent start–the world you set up is wonderfully vivid, and the mystery you introduce definitely leaves the reader wanting more! (…)


This is beautiful.


Ahhh I can totally see this happening! An anime should be made based on your book!… Or atleast a webcomic.


What the shit. What the shit. What the shit. What the shit. My heart can’t take this anymooooore!


Read it here:


One Of These Endings

Seven chances.

Seven chances to save Archer.

Seven chances to revert the past.

Seven chances to right all the wrongs.

Seven chances more to see his face if things didn’t work out.

Seven chances more to say I love him.

Seven chances felt too less.”

If you were given seven chances to save your loved one…will you do it?

Tryst falls to her death from The Efil Bridge.

Assuming she committed suicide, her fiancé follows her footsteps to the world beyond.

But the truth is, her death was an aberration.
An error in the system.

With seven chances to change their ending, will she be able to save him and ultimately herself?

Excerpt from the book:

“even death is about second chances.”

It rains.
The light drizzle falls on my face,
mixes with my tears,
and trail down my cheeks.

The thought comes back to me again.

Maybe we aren’t meant to be?
Maybe it’s all a lie or all a dream?

But the reality is too real and too vivid.
How I wish it’s otherwise.

My feet stays glued to the ground
as they take my dead body out of the river.

The cycle starts again.

Did you know?

One Of These Endings is a cell phone novel.

A cell phone novel is a literary work originally written on a cellular phone via text messaging. This type of literature originated in Japan, where it has become a popular literary genre. Chapters usually consist of about 70-100 words each due to character limitations on cell phones.

CPNs are able to tell moving stories with very little words!

Reader’s Spotlight

Oh my heart. This story wrecked me and then filled me with joy. It was beautifully written and I enjoyed every moment. Wonderful job! ❤️


Um. I just. This was. I don’t know what to say. It’s so. It’s different from other books. But it’s great. It’s lovely. I. Words.


Believe me…I cried while reading this story. Really awesome.


Wow, this book is amazing, I can’t even describe how I feel right now. Simply ineffable. Kudos 😍😘💋💋💖


Read the book here:


Baking With Boys

Excerpt from the book:

A savory dish that was actually a dessert? It wasn’t rocket-science but it required a lot of effort.

I poured chocolate sauce over the fondant noodles in the bowl and let it seep through the layers to deliciously coat the sweet chewy material. The roasted nuts and almonds in the sauce were like bits of meat in a gravy. For the garnish, I painted dark cherries and soft white cookies to look like radishes on the top. A perfect bowl of Jajangmyeon.

Brandon came over to my work bench, nodded in appreciation, and took over to clean and polish the edges of the bowl. I went over to his bench, and added the long green jelly as a substitute to cucumber, and a soft pink cake to represent raw fish inside the dessert sushi. Carefully rolling the fondant, I smiled at the finished result.

The carefully cut pieces, with its delicate detailing, looked too real. And before I could stop him, Brandon slid over to my side, and popped one piece in his mouth. My mouth watered as I thought of the white chocolate melting in his mouth, the sweet raspberry crunch of rice cereal, the jelly and the cake. It was a symphony of textures and flavors. A perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

Brandon moaned and arched his back. Unabashedly, my eyes followed his every move. A trail of chocolate oozed out from the corner of his mouth and coated his chin. He wiped it off with a finger and licked it again. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the treat and remained blissfully unaware of the cameras shooting his every move. I willed myself to look away from this R-rated scene. The way his mouth moved would definitely put the baking show in the adult time slot.

Damn food porn.

Reader’s Spotlight

Honestly one of the most hilarious books I have read in a long time. I laughed like a maniac throughout. Loved it!




BWB is amazing!!! It’s like crazzzy good. I can’t stop reading it’s 2:57 and I read a major plot twist. Its just like BOOOM!! Mind blown. I love it…I love you…I love this book.


…Love your style. And especially the theme of the novel. It dealt with so many issues with so much ease.


Read it here:


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